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Peachtree Accounting Training Classes

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Handle accounting tasks quickly and easily with Peachtree Accounting 2012! With the help of hands-on activities and step-by-step instructions, you’ll quickly master all the skills you need to handle your routine accounting needs.

First, you’ll learn to set up accounts for vendors, customers, and inventory items. Next, you’ll master the simple steps for creating invoices, collecting payments, paying bills, and printing checks.

After that, you’ll find out how to make journal entries and create trial balances. And what about those tedious end-of-month procedures? With Peachtree, as you’ll see, they’re a snap. Finally, you’ll discover how to produce detailed financial reports that put the information you need right at your fingertips.

If you find day-to-day accounting a struggle, Peachtree is the perfect solution for you. With the power of this software on your side, you’ll breeze through those routine accounting chores you used to dread!
1.Getting Started & Processing
2.Beyond the Basics & Mastering
3.Mastering Peachtree Payroll
4.Mastering QuickBooks Payroll


6:30 AM TO 8:30 PM

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