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Accounting software Quick Books

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Accounting software and business solutions for accountants and bookkeepers looking to provide better client service whilst
also increasing their own efficiency.
As a new or small business owner accounting fees may seem expensive or just out of reach for your budget. Furthermore
it may seem like accounts speak a language of their own.
Debits or Credits? But how can a small or new business owner bridge this gap between the price of an accountant or their jargon?
Simple, learn QuickBooks and take control of your businee financial future. Learn to prepare your financial statements in a manner
that allows your business to flourish. Learn the basic jargon to speak accounting. With QuickBooks working for you, all your invoices,
bills and accounts will be seamlessly speaking to each other creating reports that are clear and easy to read. At the same time you will be
reducing your accountant is monthly fee. With our lessons will have you speaking QuickBooks in no time flat, while enhancing your confidence
and increasing your value.

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Lesson 2: Working with Customers and Vendors
Lesson 3: Working with Banks and Credit Card Accounts
Lesson 4: Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
Lesson 5: Vendors and Job Costing
Lesson 6: Customers and Job Costing
Lesson 7: Payroll Setup and Preparation
Lesson 8: Payroll Reporting and Tax Filling
Lesson 9: Preparing W2, W3 and 1099 Forms
Lesson 10: Job Cost Analysis and Budgeting
Lesson 11: Setting Up Inventory
Lesson 12: Point of Sale Basics


6:30 AM TO 8:30 PM

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