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Microsoft Word 2010

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Word 2010 is a software for word processing in the new Microsoft 2010 Office Suite. Word allows you to easily create professional-looking documents using various themes, visual designs, formatting tools, sharing features and more.
1: Getting Started with Word
2: Text Basics
3: Formatting Text
4: Saving
5: Modifying Page Layout
6: Checking Spelling and Grammar
7: Printing
8: Using Indents and Tabs
9: Line and Paragraph Spacing
10: Working with Lists
11: Adding Breaks
12: Working with Columns
13: Working with Hyperlinks
14: Working with Shapes
15: Text Boxes and WordArt
16: Inserting Clip Art and Pictures
17: Formatting Pictures
18: Styles and Themes
19: Working with Headers and Footers
20: Reviewing Documents
21: Working with Tables
22: SmartArt Graphics
23: Using a Template
24: Using Mail Merge


6:30AM TO 7:30 PM

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